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English-Hindi > pancake turner

pancake turner meaning in Hindi

pancake turner sentence in Hindi

पैनकेक वर्तक
pancake    टिकिया पूरी
turner    हत्थेदार बर्तन
1.But if you prefer, you can flip it with a pancake turner.

2.Using a pancake turner, remove each loaf and serve on individual plates.

3.Use the pancake turner to put a chicken patty in the pita half.

4._Large spoon, pancake turner, can / bottle openers, Swiss army knife

5.With pancake turner or spatula, slide frittata from pan onto bottom half of bread.

6.Using a pancake turner, remove to individual plates and serve.

7.Cook over medium heat until puffed and brown, turning once with a pancake turner.

8.Using a pancake turner, remove each loaf and serve.

9.With pancake turner, fold omelet in half or roll.

10.Turn with a lightly oiled pancake turner and cook about 3 minutes on the other side.

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turner for serving or turning pancakes

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