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pathologists sentence in Hindi

"pathologists" meaning in Hindipathologists in a sentence
  • A pathologist who did an autopsy did not spot the overdose.
  • We hear it was useful for classroom teachers, speech pathologists,
  • The pathologists found only one cancerous node in the removed liver.
  • Hechter-Schulz is a microbial pathologist who fought tropical diseases.
  • There are some college professors and one is a forensic pathologist.
  • She had plans to become a pathologist before settling into acting.
  • But influenced by the pathologists there, he switched specialty training.
  • The pathologist also notes the prevalence of estrogen and progesterone receptors.
  • Like a pathologist observing microscopic images of cells, mothers know.
  • Pathologists were awaiting dental records before positively identifying the second victim.
  • You may be getting advice on your allergies from a pathologist.
  • "A wildlife pathologist ! " echoes the reply.
  • "Hey, " one pathologist says to Delaware.
  • Pathologists fed up with the bad publicity are leaving in droves.
  • The pathologist also found meconium in the baby's bowels.
  • The pathologists, however, steered clear of such a characterization.
  • He is a pathologist and forensic medicine is something totally different,
  • The autopsy was done by pathologist Royston Clifford, he said.
  • The retired pathologist and his mistress were married three years later.
  • The workers include X-ray technicians, pharmacists and pathologists.
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