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pathosystem meaning in Hindi

pathosystem sentence in Hindi
1.A gene-for-gene relationship can evolve only in a discontinuous pathosystem.

2.The pathosystem concept is also multidisciplinary.

3.This system of locking cannot function in a crop pathosystem in which the host population has genetic uniformity.

4.The system of locking is an emergent property that is observable only at the systems level of the pathosystem.

5.The n / 2 model is also the most important hypothesis to emanate from the concept of the pathosystem.

6.Clayton Oscar Person was the first scientist to study plant pathosystem ratios rather than genetics ratios in host-parasite systems.

7.A gene-for-gene relationship is useless in such a pathosystem and, consequently, it will not evolve.

8.Another feature of the pathosystem concept is that the parasitism is studied in terms of populations, at the higher levels and in ecologic aspects of the system.

9.A crop pathosystem is usually the equivalent of every door in the town having the same lock, and every householder having the same key which fits every lock.

10.The main feature of the pathosystem concept is that it concerns parasitism, and it is not concerned with the study of either the host or parasite on its own.

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