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English-Hindi > pathoses

pathoses meaning in Hindi

pathoses sentence in Hindi
1.The exercise does not exclude a few grace notes of pathos.

2.But for Ms . Goodman, life is not without pathos.

3.The pathos of hand exceeding grasp gives folk art its power.

4.This is not pathos to say this is a historical moment.

5.For two excruciating days, his pathos played out in public.

6.Nowhere is it clearer that humor is often born of pathos.

7.Ms . Asylmuratova's slender, arching body radiated pathos.

8.Stritch's account of her life has plenty of pathos.

9.Director Joe Brancato pilots the action away from pathos or sentimentality.

10.The pathos was bitter, sweet and every note in between.

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