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pauperism sentence in Hindi

"pauperism" meaning in Hindi
  • Pauperism and poverty would never be perceived in the same terms again.
  • While in Italy, Webster researched her senior economics thesis " Pauperism in Italy ".
  • MacDonnell showed little concern for the Australian working class, claiming that charity fostered sloth and pauperism.
  • Their aim was to train unemployed people for work, with a view to helping them escape pauperism.
  • The city was rife with pauperism and beggary, illiteracy and recurrent epidemics, numerous illegitimate births and high infant mortality.
  • The  Boston Daily Advertiser wrote,  The increase in foreign-born pauperism in our midst is an evil . 
  • He confronts the feudalism, which is manifested in gigantic triumphant buildings with the pauperism of the exploited workers who built them.
  • Despite efforts to ban outdoor relief, parishes continued to offer it as a more cost-effective method of dealing with pauperism.
  • On April 9, the Legislature passed " An Act for the prevention of Intemperance, Pauperism and Crime ", thus enacting Prohibition.
  • Included alongside articles discussing history, culture, art, religion, and philosophy are endorsements of Wikipedia's plans to make pauperism socially acceptable.
  • Later he was associated with a variety of social questions, such as charities, pauperism, and the like, and in the treatment of these.
  • After the death of his father, he lived for some years at Longford Hall, Stretford, taking part in township affairs, and tackling pauperism.
  • One looks to pauperism, ignorance, depopulation, and barbarism; the other to increasing wealth, comfort, intelligence, combination of action, and civilization.
  • Yule s first paper on statistics appeared in 1895 : " " On the Correlation of Total Pauperism with Proportion of Out-relief " ".
  • The work was continued with great success for over a quarter of a century, and did much to diminish the vicious habits and the stigma of pauperism.
  • In this way pauperism was to be gradually extinguished, and the recipients of aid from the fund might regard themselves as members of a State Friendly Society.
  • She was also caught in a system founded in the late 1800s upon the dominant belief that breaking up poor families was the most efficient way to prevent pauperism.
  • It has been excluded from the blessings of increasing commerce and population, from factories and filiations, manufactures and Methodism, genius and gin, prosperity and pauperism.
  • While he viewed it as something helpful for the working class, he feared that state aid to the poor might sanction a new form of " pauperism ".
  • Statistics dealing with the state of pauperism in this sense convey not the amount of destitution actually prevalent, but the particulars of people in receipt of poor law relief.
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