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English-Hindi > pauperism

pauperism meaning in Hindi

pauperism sentence in Hindi
1.Pauperism and poverty would never be perceived in the same terms again.

2.While in Italy, Webster researched her senior economics thesis " Pauperism in Italy ".

3.MacDonnell showed little concern for the Australian working class, claiming that charity fostered sloth and pauperism.

4.Their aim was to train unemployed people for work, with a view to helping them escape pauperism.

5.The city was rife with pauperism and beggary, illiteracy and recurrent epidemics, numerous illegitimate births and high infant mortality.

6.The  Boston Daily Advertiser wrote,  The increase in foreign-born pauperism in our midst is an evil . 

7.He confronts the feudalism, which is manifested in gigantic triumphant buildings with the pauperism of the exploited workers who built them.

8.Despite efforts to ban outdoor relief, parishes continued to offer it as a more cost-effective method of dealing with pauperism.

9.On April 9, the Legislature passed " An Act for the prevention of Intemperance, Pauperism and Crime ", thus enacting Prohibition.

10.Included alongside articles discussing history, culture, art, religion, and philosophy are endorsements of Wikipedia's plans to make pauperism socially acceptable.

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a state of extreme poverty or destitution; "their indigence appalled him"; "a general state of need exists among the homeless"
Synonyms: indigence, need, penury, pauperization,

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