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peacocks sentence in Hindi

"peacocks" meaning in Hindipeacocks in a sentence
  • Chef Scott Peacock mixes his Chocolate, Chocolate Cake by hand.
  • Most of the 15, 000 were screaming for the Peacocks.
  • He is the peacock who walks alone through a craning throng.
  • _Peacocks Coach Rodger Blind was hot about the foul disparity.
  • Fancy a live peacock or a hank of dried burro meat?
  • I was baffled by my son's pleas for peacock.
  • Above all, he was no peacock in his written contributions.
  • Barbara Peacock fell in love with a face 10 years ago.
  • Peacock says, tiny silver llamas dangling from her ear lobes.
  • PEACOCK-MOTIAN-BLEY, Main Space, Knitting Factory.
  • The peacock gang needn't break into sobs, though.
  • John was a peacock who let his costumes do the talking.
  • After graduation, Ray Peacock left home for college in Beaumont.
  • Racial tension flared immediately after Peacock's body was discovered.
  • As he came around the Mustang, the pickup hit Peacock.
  • The world got smaller and smaller for the growing Peacock sisters.
  • But the real peacocks on the red carpet were the men.
  • Peacock gingers are only inches tall, with beautifully marked foliage.
  • Take NBC down on Thursday and the peacock is stew meat.
  • Why would a less attractive peacock keep participating in this ritual?
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