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English-Hindi > pedantries

pedantries meaning in Hindi

pedantries sentence in Hindi
1.Coward makes fun of egocentric actors and the pedantry of committees.

2."' Pedantry and mastery are opposite attitudes toward rules.

3.He hints and cajoles; this is poetry rather than pedantry.

4.In our own humble way we try to discourage pedantry.

5.Content is intelligent and just sassy enough to avoid pedantry.

6.The pianist Marcus Roberts is a true mixture of pedantry and originality.

7.Pedantry can also be an indication of specific developmental disorders.

8.Hence this isn't a matter of mere pedantry.

9.Humanists reacted against this utilitarian approach and the narrow pedantry associated with it.

10.It is mere pedantry to try and claim otherwise.

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