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English-Hindi > pedants

pedants meaning in Hindi

pedants sentence in Hindi
1.Pedants, too, have had their fun with the coin.

2.And who cares whether it's strictly accurate except pedants?

3."Nature abhors a pedant, " she said.

4.FWIW Pedant 21 : 22, 2004 Aug 17 ( UTC)

5.The Pedant 11 : 14, 25 March 2006 ( UTC)

6.It seems that it's awfully tiring being a pedant.

7.Thanks Pedant 19 : 40, 2004 Nov 14 ( UTC)

8.Unfriendliness won't get rid of this prancing pedant.

9.Nonetheless, the old pedant is stirred to the point of awe.

10.If we want a pedant, we can get the real deal.

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