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English-Hindi > peevishness

peevishness meaning in Hindi

peevishness sentence in Hindi
1.There is also a touch of peevishness among the intelligentsia.

2.There's always a core of anger, discontent and peevishness that disagrees.

3.Editors can't help themselves, of course; Language peevishness is an occupational hazard.

4.And yet there is something to be said for a revival of pagan peevishness and outspokenness.

5.At worst, they could play out more like a battle of sanctimony vs . peevishness.

6.What is the reason for the orchestrated adoption by both parties of the childish, nasalized peevishness?

7.Kathie Lee, endlessly chipper and extra-perfect, serves as superb foil for Regis'peevishness.

8.But perhaps because of its similarity ot the word petulant, pet implies a certain sulkiness, or peevishness.

9.And no, my peevishness has nothing to do with my being the chief editor of the Pluto article.

10.Parents would offer fowls to be eaten by the attendant priest, in order to stop their children from peevishness.

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