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English-Hindi > peewee

peewee meaning in Hindi

peewee sentence in Hindi
1.Deion Sanders was an impact player on the peewee football circuit.

2.When I was a kid, my hero was Peewee Reese.

3.Music production is an imminent part of Peewee Ferris'career.

4.They played peewee soccer, wore braces, went to summer camp.

5.1903 _ Enters show business as a member of the Peewee Quartet.

6.He played Peewee football in Wolfe's Pond Park.

7.He was known as " Peewee " to his team-mates.

8."It's not college, high school or peewee basketball.

9."They said, ` Peewee, get him, "'

10.Mitz said, excited as any peewee player about to take the ice.

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small olive-colored woodland flycatchers of eastern North America
Synonyms: pewee, peewit, pewit, wood pewee, Contopus virens,

disparaging terms for small people
Synonyms: runt, shrimp, half-pint,

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