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English-Hindi > poesies

poesies meaning in Hindi

poesies sentence in Hindi
1.Poesy was paralysed for the second time, but another miracle followed.

2.Poesy's family lost their financial comfort in the early 80s.

3.Sir Philip Sidney, " The Defence of Poesy, " 1595

4.The organization was based on the French school of poesy, the Pleiade.

5.Poesy was diagnosed with the second bouts of spinal tumours in first year.

6.As a teenager, Poesy attended bible school.

7.This idea of a romantic universal poesy can be seen clearly in the romantic triad.

8.Her parents and Matthias Gelber joined Poesy to shave their head in support and solidarity.

9.Poesy read 1 year of law with the University of London ( 2002 2003 ).

10.Poesy first suffered from paraplegia at 17 ( 1992 ) due to acute thoracic intradural meningioma.

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