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English-Hindi > poesy

poesy meaning in Hindi

noun plural: poesies   
poesy sentence in Hindi
1.Poesy was paralysed for the second time, but another miracle followed.

2.Poesy's family lost their financial comfort in the early 80s.

3.Sir Philip Sidney, " The Defence of Poesy, " 1595

4.The organization was based on the French school of poesy, the Pleiade.

5.Poesy was diagnosed with the second bouts of spinal tumours in first year.

6.As a teenager, Poesy attended bible school.

7.This idea of a romantic universal poesy can be seen clearly in the romantic triad.

8.Her parents and Matthias Gelber joined Poesy to shave their head in support and solidarity.

9.Poesy read 1 year of law with the University of London ( 2002 2003 ).

10.Poesy first suffered from paraplegia at 17 ( 1992 ) due to acute thoracic intradural meningioma.

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literature in metrical form
Synonyms: poetry, verse,

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