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English-Hindi > poky

poky meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'pəuki ]  sound:  
poky sentence in Hindi
1.The opposition was sad and slow; the posse poky, uninterested.

2.Notoriously poky auteur Stanley Kubrick had nothing on Green Gartside.

3.However, Christopher Hampton's screenplay is deliberate and sometimes poky.

4.Today, space exploration continues to depend on relatively poky chemical rockets.

5.Wyong has approximately 2608 pokies, spread across 35 venues.

6.It has been turned into poky apartments and has slid into eyesore decay.

7.The Poky Little Puppy just got a new doghouse.

8.But this novel can be as fussy and poky as it is clever.

9.After a poky " Pocahontas,"

10.Some are furiously working the slot machines everyone calls " pokies ."

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a correctional institution used to detain persons who are in the lawful custody of the government (either accused persons awaiting trial or convicted persons serving a sentence)
Synonyms: jail, jailhouse, gaol, clink, slammer, pokey,

small and remote and insignificant; "a jerkwater college"; "passed a series of poky little one-horse towns"
Synonyms: jerkwater, one-horse, pokey,

wasting time
Synonyms: dilatory, laggard, pokey,

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