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English-Hindi > poleax

poleax meaning in Hindi

poleax sentence in Hindi
1.Poleaxes were once known in canting for the name Partenstein.

2.Glaives, poleaxes, halberds, and naginata are all varieties of polearms.

3.Damon wants that to help him find the poleax.

4.He didn't poleax an opposing player and put him in the hospital as a Boston Bruins enforcer did.

5.Perversely, though, It wasn't anything about the chainsaw chase or poleax sequence that upset the American censors.

6.Soldiers fought with spears, large shields with an eye-hole, clubs, axes, poleaxes, flails, bows, slings, and swords of various forms.

7.Not since Mr . T of " The A-Team " promised to poleax the Fonz have we seen so much competitive scorn heaped on a rival television show.

8.While this armour was effective against cuts or blows, their weak points could be exploited by Maces, war hammers and the hammer-heads of pollaxes ( poleaxes ) were used to inflict blunt trauma through armour.

9.Azure two Poleaxes in saltire Or blades inwards between two Bulls'Heads couped in fesse Argent on a Chief of the last a Boar's Head couped Gules tusked of the second langued of the first between two bunches of Knee-Holly Vert banded Gold

10.From the earliest times knights and mounted men-at-arms had frequently dismounted to handle enemies they could not overcome on horseback, such as in the Battle of the Dyle ( 891 ) and the Battle of Bremule ( 1119 ), but after the 1350s this trend became more marked with the dismounted men-at-arms fighting as super-heavy infantry with two-handed swords and poleaxes.

a battle ax used in the Middle Ages; a long handled ax and a pick
Synonyms: poleaxe,

an ax used to slaughter cattle; has a hammer opposite the blade
Synonyms: poleaxe,

fell with or as if with a poleax
Synonyms: poleaxe,

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