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English-Hindi > poleaxed

poleaxed meaning in Hindi

poleaxed sentence in Hindi
1.The Nyborg chapter specialises in longsword, rapier, and poleaxe.

2.In addition, instruction on fighting with the poleaxe and other polearms was given.

3.Friday, Janzen took his new Burner Bubble and poleaxed the La Costa layout with it.

4.At this point, Boucicaut reached for his poleaxe but the lords intervened to end the duel.

5.Cort�s holds his ground and reaches with the poleaxe, pulling the hooded man down from horseback.

6.Indeed, when she was picked, Conger looked less moonstruck than like she'd been poleaxed.

7.Babe Ruth, after all, poleaxed three home runs in a game shortly before his overdue retirement.

8.And then there was the chant from the hometown crowd when the Blueshirts recently were getting poleaxed by the Penguins.

9.This possibility, sometimes called the " Poleaxe Hypothesis " or the " Knockout Hypothesis ", is now considered highly doubtful.

10.It's disappointing that a historical work with the potential for crossover appeal gets poleaxed by subpar visuals that trivialize the text.

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