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English-Hindi > polecats

polecats meaning in Hindi

polecats sentence in Hindi
1.The next year he hit . 333 with the Albany Polecats.

2.Among them, Bobrinski's serotine and marbled polecat are endemic.

3.Overall, the ferret represents a neotenous form of polecat.

4.They noted that the species may be the polecat, and mink.

5.The marbled polecat is found from southeast Europe to Russia and China.

6.Marbled polecats are most active during the morning and evening.

7.In the winter, marbled polecats will line their dens with grass.

8.Wild boar and polecat are also found within the Middle Atlas Range.

9.She co-founded the traditional music band Polecat Creek.

10.;Hob the Berserker : A large male European polecat.

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