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English-Hindi > polymers

polymers meaning in Hindi

polymers sentence in Hindi

• बहुलक
1.Shares of Shin-Etsu Polymer rose 10 yen to 520.

2.The study itself will examine how polymer droplets behave in weightlessness.

3.Most of the growth is coming from higher prices for polymers.

4.Polymer drug delivery reservoirs such as these are now in use.

5.Alusuisse makes products ranging from fine chemicals to polymers and additives.

6.Sewon Polymer jumped 7.86 percent to 50, 800.

7.Polymer shares fell 3 / 8 to 13 in New York.

8.But a slow squish gives the polymers time to slither around.

9.He doesn't have a patent on the polymers themselves.

10.New water-based stains are formulated with acrylic polymer binders.

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