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polysyllable sentence in Hindi

"polysyllable" meaning in Hindi
  • It also looks as if monosyllables were more likely to change than polysyllables.
  • Long polysyllables are not often used in conversation.
  • With his penchant for polysyllables, Mr . Brudnoy didn't necessarily wear his learning lightly.
  • And to do this is a very different matter from gunning about for the circumplectious polysyllable ".
  • Knowing only the lingua franca of their subspecialty, they talk past one another in a profusion of polysyllables.
  • Like many men who are well read and largely self-taught, Springsteen is attracted to polysyllables and sometimes mispronounces them.
  • In Chatino where stress falls predictably on the last syllable of polysyllables, tone is also only distinguished on the last syllable.
  • I'd like to see magazine founder William F . Buckley Jr . come back with glib polysyllables after that heavy hit.
  • Now, the man who first rose to prominence with the sharp comedy duets he performed with Elaine May speaks in polysyllables and whole paragraphs.
  • This tonal distinction has been present in Scandinavian dialects at least since Old Norse though a greater number of polysyllables now have an acute accent.
  • Her early style, in particular, used " obscure polysyllables, formal syntax and lush imagery [ which ] divided critics and daunted many readers ".
  • E . Clyde, as his journalistic colleagues affectionately called him, loved to use polysyllable words understood only by those with the most advanced knowledge of music.
  • Same goes for David Duchovny : His Mulder is a smart-plus-vulnerable-equals-sexy guy who convincingly speaks in polysyllables even when describing impossible situations.
  • Some scholars prefer to call these nouns amphikinetic and the corresponding polysyllables " holokinetic " ( or " holodynamic ", from holos = whole ).
  • Those who spout polysyllables and quote Hegel are less likely to be accepted than students who have done community organizing or set up workshops on the problems of Hispanic, Asian and black women.
  • Any normally weak syllable may be stressed as a variation if it is a monosyllable, but not if it is part of a polysyllable except at the beginning of a line or a phrase.
  • Since these words have no suffix, they differ from the amphikinetic polysyllables in the strong cases ( no o-grade ) and in the locative singular ( no e-grade suffix ).
  • Frankie Valli's armor-piercing falsetto topped the Four Seasons'enthusiastically imprecise doo-wop harmonies for more than a decade of hits, as they turned words like " cry " into polysyllables.
  • Kitty Empire of " The Observer " characterized its subject matter as " wiffle of the highest order ", but wrote that " one of the pleasures of Aguilera is that she can use polysyllables, even when talking the rot that fills women's mags ".
  • He was co-author of the " Concise Dictionary of Spoken Chinese ", which was the first dictionary to mark Chinese characters for being " bound " ( only used in polysyllables ) or " free " ( permissible as a monosyllabic word ).
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