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polysyndeton sentence in Hindi

"polysyndeton" meaning in Hindi
  • Samantha Howard, 14, Shreveport, La . _ polysyndeton
  • This was often used in combination with asyndeton and polysyndeton, in which conjunctions are either removed entirely or repeated in close succession.
  • Nunberg's book, mainly a compilation of his commentaries on National Public Radio's " Fresh Air, " refreshingly deals with what is called in rhetoric polysyndeton, a word based on the Greek for " using many connectives, " like " here and there and everywhere . " He observes that the use of conjunctions rather than commas for drum-like dramatic effect is done more often by conservative writers.
  • As the story comes to a close the protagonist hypothesizes the cause for the ship's demise, believing that when the storm came in the ship must have drifted toward the bed of quicksand, catching a rudder and causing it to break off . " They must have opened the tanks as soon as she struck and the minute she settled on it the quicksands took her down . " It is also a notable example of his use of polysyndeton styling in his work.

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