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English-Hindi > poppycock

poppycock meaning in Hindi

poppycock sentence in Hindi
1.Don't believe all the poppycock about being respectful colleagues.

2."Poppycock, " ( nonsense ) he replied.

3.How is this not more notable than " Prince Poppycock ?"

4.Most economists, not to mention Giuliani, think this is poppycock.

5."That's silly, self-serving Democratic poppycock.

6."( Poppycock ), " he said.

7.Calling Hume's review " poppycock,"

8.Pershing said the allegation was " all damn poppycock ".

9.You can say, oh, this is poppycock.

10.Pure head-up-the-Beltway poppycock.

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senseless talk; "don''t give me that stuff"
Synonyms: stuff, stuff and nonsense, hooey,

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