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English-Hindi > stuff

stuff meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ stʌf ]  sound:  
verb past tense: stuffed   verb past participle: stuffed   verb present participle: stuffing   
stuff sentence in Hindi
• सामग्री
• उपादान
• सामान
• कपड़ा
• वस्र
• कार्यक्रम
• कूड़ा
• तुच्छ वस्तु
• क्रिया-कलाप
• पदार्थ
• खाल भरना
• माल
• रद्दी
• विषय-वस्तु
• असबाब
• सामग्रीअ

• कच्ची सामग्री
• डिब्बाबंद खाद्य
• बोराबंद खाद्य
• स्टफ
• बन्द करना
• भर देना
• घुसेड़ना
• ठूसना
• परिपूर्ण करना
• दबाना
• मसाले भरना
• भकोसना
• खाल भरना
• भरना
• मिलाना
• रोकना
• से ठूसकर भरना
• करना
• ठूस-ठूस कर खाना
• घुसेड़ना
1.Our problem is that we emulate only the easy stuff .
समस्या यह है कि हम आसान मामलं में ही नकल करते हैं .

2.But fundamentally you have to go and read this stuff.
लेकिन मौलिक तौर पे आप को जाकर इस चीज़ को पढ़ना है.

3.Who's embarrassed to go back and learn stuff
जिसे वापस स्कूल जा कर वो सब सीखने में हिचक होती है जो

4.That's why Shakespeare puts all that stuff in Hamlet.
इसीलिए तो शेक्सपियर ने वो सब कुछ हैमलेट में डाला.

5.Why would you need to stuff it into your head?
तो उन्हें अपने दिमाग में याद करने की क्या ज़रुरत है?

6.Whereas the people who are selling us the higher stuff -
जबकि जो लोग हमे उच्च श्रेणी की चीजें बेच रहे हैं -

7.Look, if people are taping stuff off the radio
देखिये, अगर लोग रेडियो प्रसारण को रिकार्ड कर रहे हैं,

8.In fact, they make their livings on this kind of stuff.
बल्कि वे इन तरह की चीज़ों से अपनी जीविका चलाते हैं.

9.I've got that stuff up on Youtube if you want to look at it.
अगर आप वह देखना चाहे तो आप यू ट्यूब पर देख सकते है

10.Just do that kind of stuff and have fun with it.
इस तरह का कुछ कर के देखिये, और उसका आनंद लीजिये ।

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miscellaneous unspecified objects; "the trunk was full of stuff"

unspecified qualities required to do or be something; "the stuff of heros"; "you don''t have the stuff to be a United States Marine"

a critically important or characteristic component; "suspense is the very stuff of narrative"

senseless talk; "don''t give me that stuff"
Synonyms: stuff and nonsense, hooey, poppycock,

information in some unspecified form; "it was stuff I had heard before"; "there''s good stuff in that book"

informal terms for personal possessions; "did you take all your clobber?"
Synonyms: clobber,

the tangible substance that goes into the makeup of a physical object; "coal is a hard black material"; "wheat is the stuff they use to make bread"
Synonyms: material,

fill with a stuffing while cooking; "Have you stuffed the turkey yet?"
Synonyms: farce,

fill tightly with a material; "stuff a pillow with feathers"

treat with grease, fill, and prepare for mounting; "stuff a bearskin"

overeat or eat immodestly; make a pig of oneself; "She stuffed herself at the dinner"; "The kids binged on ice cream"
Synonyms: gorge, ingurgitate, overindulge, glut, englut, engorge, overgorge, overeat, gormandize, gormandise, gourmandize, binge, pig out, satiate, scarf out,

obstruct; "My nose is all stuffed"; "Her arteries are blocked"
Synonyms: lug, choke up, block,

cram into a cavity; "The child stuffed candy into his pockets"

press or force; "Stuff money into an envelope"; "She thrust the letter into his hand"
Synonyms: thrust, shove, squeeze,

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