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postmen sentence in Hindi

"postmen" meaning in Hindi
  • Hurt plays a bachelor postman who tries to adopt a boy.
  • Postman points to cases in which public debate has brought change.
  • What about your lawyer, postman or the guy next door.
  • It attracts wierdos, which takes a load off the postman.
  • "We are disappointed by Judge Postman's ruling.
  • To San Fernando Valley postman Gerard Apusen, paramedics are heroes.
  • Firemen are firefighters, policemen police officers, postmen mail carriers.
  • Television, Postman posits, began as primarily an information medium.
  • An Italian film about a lovesick postman and a Chilean poet.
  • Ids Postman took the men's 5, 000 Friday.
  • Lacking charisma, Hue caricatured as a bearded, amicable postman.
  • That is, until the postman delivers her monthly utility bill.
  • "The Postman " also became a film success.
  • The postman, Mr . Purvis, appears in two episodes.
  • Tamla issued " Please Mr . Postman " the following September.
  • They then left to make Postman's wish come true.
  • Elmer then receives a large Easter egg delivery from a postman.
  • Ryan later passes his HSC and decides to become a postman.
  • He is known as " The Painting Postman of LA ".
  • In his youth, he worked as a postman in Klaksv�k.
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