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English-Hindi > postmen

postmen meaning in Hindi

postmen sentence in Hindi
• डाकिया
• पत्रवाहक
• डाकवाला
1.Hurt plays a bachelor postman who tries to adopt a boy.

2.Postman points to cases in which public debate has brought change.

3.What about your lawyer, postman or the guy next door.

4.It attracts wierdos, which takes a load off the postman.

5."We are disappointed by Judge Postman's ruling.

6.To San Fernando Valley postman Gerard Apusen, paramedics are heroes.

7.Firemen are firefighters, policemen police officers, postmen mail carriers.

8.Television, Postman posits, began as primarily an information medium.

9.An Italian film about a lovesick postman and a Chilean poet.

10.Ids Postman took the men's 5, 000 Friday.

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