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English-Hindi > pressed glass

pressed glass meaning in Hindi

pressed glass sentence in Hindi

दाबित काच
pressed    तंगी इस्तरी किया
glass    आईना शीशे की वस्तु
1.The glass knob was an outgrowth of pressed glass from 1826 to 1850.

2.Carnival glass, iridized pressed glass, was produced, beginning about 1905.

3.The Westmoreland pressed glass receptacle was the first banana boat.

4.The company took full advantage of the introduction of pressed glass and its business grew rapidly.

5.Beer boots are made of either manufactured pressed glass or mouth blown glasses by skilled artisans.

6.Jarves developed the company " to become the most important manufacturer of pressed glass in 19th-century America.

7.Also at the museum, " Pressing Matters : American Pressed Glass, 1820-1920 " through Oct . 18.504-488-2631.

8.Most handcrafted glass production today is blown glass, with some pressed glass is used to make miniatures.

9.Beginning in the 1930s a line of pressed glass vases, floral ware, and colorful glass containers was produced.

10.These companies produced pieces which consisted of lines of pressed glass known as intaglio and painted opalescent glass.

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