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English-Hindi > presser

presser meaning in Hindi

presser sentence in Hindi
1.The Theodore Presser Co . started publishing sheet music in 1783.

2.Presser and Debra Oddo, who married each other last year.

3.Timoney dismissed Presser's accusation and defended the warehouse arrests.

4.Like many Israelis, Lilach Hershkovitz-Presser rejects that approach.

5.During his visits, he would read poetry in Presser Hall.

6.Presser's declining health caused numerous delays in his trial.

7.Hailstork is published by Theodore Presser Company and Carl Fischer Music.

8.Chen's works are published by the Theodore Presser Company.

9.Her music is published by Theodore Presser Company and Peckham Publications.

10.Soma ), G�bor Presser, Tam�s Mester and many others.

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