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English-Hindi > protective works

protective works meaning in Hindi

protective works sentence in Hindi

• संरक्षण निर्माण कार्य
protective    बचाव गश्त बचाव
works    कारखाना निर्माण
1.Protective works along the banks of the Clutha River have also been undertaken.

2.Since then a rock revetment has been constructed to protect the breached coastline, and further protective works have been carried out to the east.

3.The agency s new charter extends its field of services to include the general care of children, including foster home service, adoption, and protective work.

4.They steered a middle course between the minimal protective works espoused by the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, and the extensive restoration and reconstruction undertaken at French historical sites by Eug�ne Viollet-le-Duc.

5.In hoodoo folk magic, these symbolisms are somewhat changed : Myrrh and Olive remain the same, but Cinnamon is for money and luck, and Calamus is used to sweetly control others . ( The Matherian alternative, Galangal, is employed in protective work, especially that involving court cases .)

6.They do warn that all residents of the region should be prepared for a large event and its subsequent effects ( e . g ., lack of water, firefighting, first aid, electricity, motor and heating fuels, etc . ) and that much life-safety protective work remains to be done.

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