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q value sentence in Hindi

"q value" meaning in Hindi
  • Three different q values are plotted on the specific energy diagram above.
  • All others contain two or more components with'q values'q1, q2 to qn.
  • It cannot be used for the measurement of high Q values.
  • An SRS plot is incomplete if it doesn't specify the assumed Q value.
  • If the discount factor meets or exceeds 1, the Q values may diverge.
  • California is a lot more heterogeneous and has a generally much lower Q value.
  • Its use is limited to the measurement of low Q values from 1 to 10.
  • A high Q value is for resonant circuits a mark of the quality of the resonance.
  • A high Q value is a mark of the quality of the resonance for resonant circuits.
  • The Q value is calculated only for the z region; crystals containing other regions can be adversely affected.
  • As stated above, the agent will constantly alter its behavior depending on the best Q value available to it.
  • It is also unsuited for the coils with low Q values, less than one, because of balance convergence problem.
  • In this case learning applies to the way in which Q values are assigned, which is entirely reward based.
  • This q s value can then be compared to a q value from the " studentized range " distribution.
  • As expressed above, the Q value for a state-action is updated by an error, adjusted by the learning rate alpha.
  • The measured value is based on the absorption bands of the OH radical and the infrared Q value is calculated.
  • The voltage generated in the resonance capacitor Cr at the peak of the resonance frequency is proportional to the Q value.
  • At the end of this calculation, the whole region of levels inside the Q value window ( known and unknown ) is binned.
  • Six group types ( Buffer, Quotient, Conditionally Greater Than, Conditionally Less Than, Difference and Equality ) contain exactly two components with'q values'q1 and q2.
  • Since greater _ h computes at most p + q values of h _ { ij }, its complexity is O ( n ).
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