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qandahar sentence in Hindi

"qandahar" meaning in Hindiqandahar in a sentence
  • Saru Taqi was murdered under the orders of Bost and Qandahar.
  • His first stay was at Shorawak ( Qandahar Province ).
  • She used to sing for her school band in Ayno Lece in Qandahar.
  • Barech moved from Qila Bust ( Kalabus ) province Helmand to Shorawak province Qandahar.
  • Her parents are originally from Qandahar.
  • The three major clans are the Gurbuz, the Masood, the Qandahar also known as Wadir.
  • Omar's base was among the Pashtun ethnic group centered in southern Afghanistan around the city of Qandahar.
  • On 26 May 1981 an Afghan Air Force Mil Mi-8 helicopter was hijacked from Qandahar and landed at Samungli.
  • In 1507, Khorasan was occupied by Turkic king Nader Shah in 1747, it was occupied by the Afghan Durrani Empire centered in Qandahar.
  • Five years later, Ganj Ali Khan was once again present in the Ottoman-Safavid War, and participated in the newly captured city of Qandahar.
  • On 26 March 1577, Badi-al Zaman Mirza was assassinated in Qandahar on the orders of shah Ismail II ( r . 1576 77 ).
  • By bringing alternative development to Qandahar, Arlacchi said, " We removed 2.4 tons of heroin with a $ 5 million investment ."
  • He is son of Emir Haji Saifuddin also spelled as Seifedin who was Vizier of Timur in the beginning and later became Governor of Qandahar province now in Afghanistan.
  • In 1638, Saru Taqi, who aimed to having Ali Mardan Khan, the governor of Qandahar, dismissed, demanded a large sum of money from him.
  • The provinces of Nangarhar, Ghazni, Lagham, Kunar, Zabul, Qandahar, Badakhshan, Lowgar, Paktia and Paktika witnessed extensive depopulation programmes by the Soviet forces.
  • Within 14 months of staying with his Shaykh, Haji Dost Muhammad became Ahmed Sa'eed's " khalifa " in the Qandahar region of Afghanistan.
  • Qandahar continued to remain in Mughal possession, and the Hindukush the empire's western frontier, for several decades until Shah Jahan's expedition into Badakhshan in 1646.
  • In 1652 and 1653, during the Mughal Safavid War, prince Dara Shikoh was able to move light artillery through the Bolan Pass to assist in the siege of Qandahar.
  • He later died in 1624 / 5, while the governorship of Qandahar went to his son Ali Mardan Khan and the governorship of Kerman to a certain Tahmasp Quli Khan.
  • Shortly afterwards, Akbar's army completed its annexation of Kabul, and in order to further secure the north-western boundaries of his empire, it proceeded to Qandahar.
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