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quadrate sentence in Hindi

"quadrate" meaning in Hindiquadrate in a sentence
  • A . Best used to express the relationship between quadrates.
  • The head is broad with a quadrate shape and small round eyes.
  • The rostrum more elongate and thin and it has a reduced quadrate.
  • Jaw smooth with blunt median projection and accessory quadrate plate.
  • There is also a quadrate semihyaline white spot just beyond the discocellulars.
  • There is a quadrate white spot in the end of the cell.
  • The quadratojugal has a high attachment point on the shaft of the quadrate.
  • However, champsosaurs lack the complex quadrate of lepidosaurians.
  • There is a small quadrate hyaline white spot separating the reniform and orbicular.
  • The reniform is rather large and elongate-quadrate.
  • Band : Ausgleichungs-Rechnung nach der Methode der kleinsten Quadrate; 2.
  • quadrate and articular bones are much smaller and form part of the middle ear.
  • The quadrate is strongly inclined to the rear.
  • Lingual membrane with tricuspid central teeth, multifid laterals, and quadrate marginals ."
  • The mine is irregular and oblong to quadrate.
  • Whorl section sub quadrate, higher than wide.
  • The bones of the mandible and quadrate bones can also pick up ground borne vibrations.
  • Hieroglyphs must be aesthetically positioned within the quadrate and their size must be proportioned accordingly.
  • The articulation between the articular and quadrate bones at the jaw joint is well developed.
  • The shape is oblong to quadrate and the epidermis is opaque with a yellow tan.
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