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English-Hindi > quadrate

quadrate meaning in Hindi

quadrate sentence in Hindi
1.A . Best used to express the relationship between quadrates.

2.The head is broad with a quadrate shape and small round eyes.

3.The rostrum more elongate and thin and it has a reduced quadrate.

4.Jaw smooth with blunt median projection and accessory quadrate plate.

5.There is also a quadrate semihyaline white spot just beyond the discocellulars.

6.There is a quadrate white spot in the end of the cell.

7.The quadratojugal has a high attachment point on the shaft of the quadrate.

8.However, champsosaurs lack the complex quadrate of lepidosaurians.

9.There is a small quadrate hyaline white spot separating the reniform and orbicular.

10.The reniform is rather large and elongate-quadrate.

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a square-shaped object

a cubelike object

having four sides and four angles

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