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English-Hindi > quadratic

quadratic meaning in Hindi

quadratic sentence in Hindi
1.A quadratic B�zier curve is also a segment of a parabola.

2.One solution was all he looked for in a quadratic equation.

3.The properties of quadratic residues are widely used in number theory.

4.However, even quadratic speedup is considerable when N is large.

5.Additionally, if the quadratic formula were broken into two terms,

6.An important case of the quadratic mapping is c = 0.

7.The last line is simply a quadratic polynomial in \ mu.

8.It uses Lucas sequences to perform exponentiation in a quadratic field.

9.With 3 points of data you only get a quadratic polynomial.

10.A linear-quadratic regulator might be used for such applications.

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a polynomial of the second degree
Synonyms: quadratic polynomial,

an equation in which the highest power of an unknown quantity is a square
Synonyms: quadratic equation,

of or relating to the second power; "quadratic equation"

of or relating to or resembling a square; "quadratic shapes"

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