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quadriceps sentence in Hindi

"quadriceps" meaning in Hindi
  • Carter has struggled to come back from a strained left quadriceps.
  • Johnson's season ended early with a torn quadriceps tendon.
  • Rams kicker Rick Wilkins injured a quadriceps muscle on the kick.
  • Allen had not played since straining his right quadriceps June 4.
  • Greene said he reinjured his left quadriceps during a workout Monday.
  • Newble missed the last two games with a right quadriceps contusion.
  • Midway through the match, Triple H tore his quadriceps muscle.
  • Her junior year was limited by a strained left quadriceps muscle.
  • He was held out of participating due to the quadriceps injury.
  • His left quadriceps muscle and its ligaments were badly torn.
  • Edwards was limited Monday because of swelling in the left quadriceps area.
  • Chris Boniol : Right quadriceps muscle, day-to-day.
  • A pulled right quadriceps has slowed his progress during his second year.
  • He is recovering from surgery on his quadriceps in his left leg.
  • The athletes pull energy from the same muscle group _ the quadriceps.
  • My quadriceps muscles wanted to quit, and my joints were aching.
  • Clijsters'problem isn't confidence, but a sore quadriceps.
  • Vince Carter will not play because of an injured quadriceps muscle . nn
  • I felt my quadriceps pop, then toppled over onto one side.
  • Carter is scheduled to play this week after a recurring quadriceps injury.
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