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English-Hindi > quadriceps

quadriceps meaning in Hindi

noun plural: quadriceps   
quadriceps sentence in Hindi
1.Carter has struggled to come back from a strained left quadriceps.

2.Johnson's season ended early with a torn quadriceps tendon.

3.Rams kicker Rick Wilkins injured a quadriceps muscle on the kick.

4.Allen had not played since straining his right quadriceps June 4.

5.Greene said he reinjured his left quadriceps during a workout Monday.

6.Newble missed the last two games with a right quadriceps contusion.

7.Midway through the match, Triple H tore his quadriceps muscle.

8.Her junior year was limited by a strained left quadriceps muscle.

9.He was held out of participating due to the quadriceps injury.

10.His left quadriceps muscle and its ligaments were badly torn.

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a muscle of the thigh that extends the leg
Synonyms: quadriceps femoris, musculus quadriceps femoris, quad,

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