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English-Hindi > quagmire

quagmire meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'kwægmaiə ]  sound:  
quagmire sentence in Hindi
1.Our musical difficulties are but the prelude to a moral quagmire.

2.The depressing answer is anchored in the quagmire of creeping socialism.

3.Kennedy stayed away from the political quagmire that was Northern Ireland.

4.The Hudson casino matter has become a political quagmire for Babbitt.

5.The opposite way remembers Vietnam and avoids quagmires at all cost.

6.Is it 1960s Southeast Asia, a quagmire with little promise?

7.They want out of this quagmire in a very bad way.

8.Not to mention the quagmire of determining who should be compensated.

9.The case has been a quagmire since it entered the courts.

10.Rain turned Augusta National into a mud quagmire during the Masters.

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a soft wet area of low-lying land that sinks underfoot
Synonyms: mire, quag, morass, slack,

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