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English-Hindi > quaggy

quaggy meaning in Hindi

quaggy sentence in Hindi
1.A new bridge over the Quaggy River was built in 2003.

2.The Quaggy River flows northward through Chinbrook Meadows.

3.The Quaggy receives additional water from Mottingham Tarn and feeds the wetlands in Sutclife Park.

4.The River Quaggy flows northward through Chinbrook and forms part of the borough and postal boundaries there.

5.Regulated water draining off the lake contributed to the rise of the formerly droughty and quaggy Konya Plain into a " granary ".

6.The most prominent body of water is the River Quaggy which runs to the south-west of Eltham and joins the River Ravensbourne at Lewisham.

7.The district takes its name from the " Kyd Brook ", a watercourse which runs from Orpington to Lewisham, by which point it is part of the River Quaggy.

8.The River Quaggy flows northward though Horn Park, that hosts a number of activities, such as Christian, council and MP meetings, and numerous classes including dance, karate and English.

9.It is near the Echo Lake . " Quaggy Jo " is an altered version of the mountain's Native American name, " Qua Qua Jo, " which means " twin-peaked ."

10.In this quaggy struggle, Conroy apparently had been the winner, and he certainly emerged as the only one who displayed any wit and audacity : In the book he proposed, written from the viewpoint of Rhett Butler, there was even the terrible possibility that he would kill off Scarlett O'Hara.

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(of soil) soft and watery; "the ground was boggy under foot"; "a marshy coastline"; "miry roads"; "wet mucky lowland"; "muddy barnyard"; "quaggy terrain"; "the sloughy edge of the pond"; "swampy bayous"
Synonyms: boggy, marshy, miry, mucky, muddy, sloppy, sloughy, soggy, squashy, swampy, waterlogged,

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