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English-Hindi > quantifying

quantifying meaning in Hindi

quantifying sentence in Hindi
• परिमाण निर्धारित करना
• परिमाणित करना
• मात्रा निर्धारित करना
1.Quantifying the risks of mixing Prozac and MDMA isn't easy.

2.Quantifying the slippage is difficult, as Miami's Johnson noted.

3.I have no good way of quantifying how bad it could be.

4.It is also a way of quantifying the genetic components of disease.

5.Efficiency has utility in quantifying the effective use of a communications channel.

6.Quantifying this bottom line is relatively new, problematic and often subjective.

7.Economics is also interested in quantifying trust, usually in monetary terms.

8.In 1848 he devised a way of quantifying sunspot activity.

9.Liquid scintillation counters are an efficient and practical means of quantifying beta radiation

10.Quantifying dietary exposure most often involves the use of models.

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