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quantifying sentence in Hindi

"quantifying" meaning in Hindiquantifying in a sentence
  • Quantifying the risks of mixing Prozac and MDMA isn't easy.
  • Quantifying the slippage is difficult, as Miami's Johnson noted.
  • I have no good way of quantifying how bad it could be.
  • It is also a way of quantifying the genetic components of disease.
  • Efficiency has utility in quantifying the effective use of a communications channel.
  • Quantifying this bottom line is relatively new, problematic and often subjective.
  • Economics is also interested in quantifying trust, usually in monetary terms.
  • In 1848 he devised a way of quantifying sunspot activity.
  • Liquid scintillation counters are an efficient and practical means of quantifying beta radiation
  • Quantifying dietary exposure most often involves the use of models.
  • Transparency in an organization allows unraveling and even quantifying sources of uncertainty.
  • Quantifying assumed benefits to 16 contractors necessitated examining their accounts.
  • Quantifying the amount of damage is impossible, injecting volatility into the market.
  • Schneider said, without quantifying the gains the company expects from the plan.
  • Quantifying age discrimination in high-tech is difficult.
  • But there is no statistic in baseball quantifying sublimation for the greater good.
  • Quantifying what Nieuwendyk meant to team chemistry is difficult.
  • He proposed it with regard to quantifying Darwinian evolution.
  • Researchers have not started quantifying user innovation until recently.
  • Measuring or quantifying sediment transport or erosion is therefore important for coastal engineering.
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