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English-Hindi > racecourses

racecourses meaning in Hindi

racecourses sentence in Hindi
1.He added that loose horses on racecourses are a recognized problem.

2.Nicholson catered beverages to a number of racecourses outside of London.

3.Several major racecourses, including Classics were usually run at Newmarket.

4.Racecourses, picture theatres and places of amusement were particularly targeted.

5.The Jockey Club also has helped China develop racecourses of its own.

6.One of the reasons he bases himself in Paris is its racecourses.

7.Most racecourses had a nearby railway station with suitable facilities.

8.These innovations would become commonplace for racecourses around the country.

9.This race course is considered one of the top racecourses in India.

10.They lost control of the South East racecourses to the Sabini gang.

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