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English-Hindi > racer

racer meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'reisə ]  sound:  
racer sentence in Hindi
1.Thirty-two luge racers from around the world will compete.

2.Today, Hill is the oldest drag racer on the circuit.

3.Golfers are immaculately groomed; racers have grease in their fingernails.

4.Pintauro at Prudential said most companies would not cover boat racers.

5.It presents a new opportunity for the grass-roots racer.

6.This increases drag, but even hardcore racers care about comfort.

7.When I was a downhill ski racer I choreographed my moves.

8.We need a pension fund and good medical insurance for racers.

9.Forrest Lane is a motorcyle racer who still sucks his thumb.

10.If you want to see real racers, come to Indianapolis.

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slender fast-moving North American snakes

an animal that races

a fast car that competes in races
Synonyms: race car, racing car,

someone who drives racing cars at high speeds
Synonyms: race driver, automobile driver,

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