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English-Hindi > racetrack

racetrack meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'reistræk ]  sound:  
noun plural: racetracks   
racetrack sentence in Hindi
1.Now Bacharach is working on a little streak at the racetrack.

2.Will the walkout affect racetrack business enough to influence the negotiations?

3.The Woodlands racetrack opened in 1989 and riverboat casinos in 1994.

4.If I die tomorrow, that racetrack will be my legacy.

5.It's my favorite racetrack, of course ."

6.We were faster than everybody else out there on the racetrack.

7.The real tears might be coming from Hollywood Park racetrack officials.

8.Once around the racetrack, with little arrows pointing the way:

9.It provides wagering systems and simulcasting services to racetracks and casinos.

10.As Sprague drives low on the racetrack, Rezendes veers lower.

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a course over which races are run
Synonyms: racecourse, raceway, track,

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