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racetrack sentence in Hindi

"racetrack" meaning in Hindi
  • Now Bacharach is working on a little streak at the racetrack.
  • Will the walkout affect racetrack business enough to influence the negotiations?
  • The Woodlands racetrack opened in 1989 and riverboat casinos in 1994.
  • If I die tomorrow, that racetrack will be my legacy.
  • It's my favorite racetrack, of course ."
  • We were faster than everybody else out there on the racetrack.
  • The real tears might be coming from Hollywood Park racetrack officials.
  • Once around the racetrack, with little arrows pointing the way:
  • It provides wagering systems and simulcasting services to racetracks and casinos.
  • As Sprague drives low on the racetrack, Rezendes veers lower.
  • It's the most perfect racetrack there is for trucks.
  • The vote will not affect racetracks, the lottery or bingo.
  • Then came the name change : Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino.
  • He said the company did plan to continue operating the racetrack.
  • Another battle is also brewing for a California horse racetrack owner.
  • Of course a lot of people around North American racetracks disagree.
  • For Labonte, all racetracks in February look like ground zero.
  • The racetrack is from the dotted white line to the wall.
  • Gossage is fond of saying that every racetrack develops a personality.
  • Get a map of the racetrack and a schedule of events.
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