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redoubt sentence in Hindi

"redoubt" meaning in Hindiredoubt in a sentence
  • They wanted the yachts as redoubts for themselves and their families.
  • De la Union countered by constructing two redoubts of his own.
  • On September 30, the French attacked the British Fusiliers redoubt.
  • This last redoubt proved the Germans'determination to continue fighting.
  • The concrete bunkers (, redoubts ) were long and narrow.
  • Griswold ! " as US and French forces stormed the redoubts.
  • That was the end of the Redoubt's military service.
  • RIR 119 suffered most in the mine explosion beneath the redoubt.
  • The defences were hastily prepared, but included trenches and redoubts.
  • Four redoubts, numbered 1-4, ringed the cantonment.
  • Shorncliffe Redoubt is significant as the birthplace of modern infantry tactics.
  • Washington s men dug trenches, raised earthwork redoubt or breastwork.
  • A detached redoubt, Fort Irwin was linked to the fort.
  • Colonel William Twiss, a military engineer, designed the redoubt.
  • Redoubts 9 and 10 were located south of the main fortifications.
  • The French under Major General de Viom�nil attacked the larger redoubt.
  • One by one the Turkish redoubts were captured, before nightfall.
  • At midday, the complete brigade attacked the Green Knoll redoubt.
  • A second redoubt near the bridge provided a back up position.
  • Nevertheless, the National Redoubt had serious military and political consequences.
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