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redolence sentence in Hindi

"redolence" meaning in Hindi
  • No matter how often you touch their leaves, they continue to emit their redolence.
  • I love the way the inside of a pumpkin smells; it has a fresh, clean redolence that reminds me of childhood.
  • In summer, due to the fresh air, redolence of coniferous forest, and the swift sound of the river, people flock to its shores alone and in company.
  • Passing through the arched gateway into Asni's market, one is immediately taken by the commotion of people, the redolence of food and the bright colors of people's attire.
  • Despite fans that turn over the air 19 times an hour and filter it cleaner than an operating room's, the lab carries a certain barnyard redolence, an unmistakable eau de pig.
  • :: Still, repetitious has a faint odor, a miasmic redolence, nay a whiff of putrescence, of underlying annoyance about it . talk ) 01 : 08, 4 May 2012 ( UTC)
  • "Birds of Passage, " translated by John Brownjohn from the French, is in a line of other, much greater works that evoke the cosmopolitan redolence of the foreign communities in pre-Nasser Egypt.
  • Ambiguity and redolence are what make even photographs like these, conceived as scientific documents, into aesthetic artifacts, ambiguity being the root of their claim to the status of art, never mind how homely they may look.
  • I had no trouble becoming involved in the history of Woodington, Derbyshire, the life cycle of the hornet as thoughtfully observed by a man who has put away far too many beers, and the redolence of his pain ."
  • The fifth film, " Dai-goshM : BMkyM no Gingakan Kukan " ( Chapter 5 : " The Redolence of Intergalactic Space " ) featuring Episodes 15-18, was released in twelve Japanese theaters on April 13, 2013.
  • This said, no one in his right mind would doubt the exceptional attachment to it in Judaism, and the extraordinary potency of its emotive, poetic and figurative redolence for Jewish people . talk ) 08 : 48, 29 March 2009 ( UTC)
  • "It's got this redolence of New Economy foolishness, " said Thomas Frank, a social critic and the author of " One Market Under God " ( Anchor Books, 2001 ), which skewered the dot-com heydays . Even the Segway's playfulness, its appeal to the inner child, he finds galling.
  • In this sense, " art provides not just a look in Miller's productions; it provided a mode of being, a redolence of the air breathed in that world, an intellectual climate in addition to a physical space . " This policy allowed other directors to stamp more of their own aesthetic credo on the productions than had been possible under Messina.
  • So excruciating that Hudson's sunshine can't warm it and Hathaway's rose redolence can't mask its stink . " Ty Burr of the " Boston Globe " was disturbed by the film, claiming that it was " . . . a chick flick that makes its chick characters  and by extension its chick audience  look like hateful, backward toddlers, and there is something wrong with that ."
  • The film's biggest drawback is that Ward scarcely hints at what the Friars Club has become today _ a retro-tacky, pseudo-posh restaurant that feels fairly musty, particularly that besmirched card-playing room, which nowadays boasts all the glamour and redolence of a slightly tony rest home with an ever-present cash bar . _ _ _ The show : " Let Me In : I Hear the Laughter ."
  • :" " This quiet little village, on the confines of Halkyn mountain, forms a remarkably pleasant excursion from Mold, from which it is about four miles distant . . . . The highway branches off to the right, along a narrow lane that will prove attractive to the botanist, and the lover of wild flowers, for here nature displays her varied chorus, according to the season of the year, primroses, hyacinths, cowslips, wild roses, honeysuckle, ferns, foxgloves, and innumerable other wayside flowers gladden the sight, and give the air the redolence of their perfume . ""

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