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English-Hindi > reminders

reminders meaning in Hindi

reminders sentence in Hindi
• चेतावनी
• ताकीद
• स्मरणपत्र
• तकाज़ा
• याद दिलाने वाला
• अनुस्मारक
1.But the trip will be a reminder of his difficult challenge.

2.T-shirt to hand out as " reminders"

3.His law degree hung on the wall as a bitter reminder.

4.Something that isn't a constant reminder of his loss.

5.Sometimes it is a reminder of mortality that shatters their serenity.

6.The ghosts are living and breathing reminders of the past glory.

7.It's another reminder of how empty movies have become.

8.Still, the incident was another reminder of the potential risks.

9.They are a reminder that this can be a deadly sport.

10.It was just a reminder that this one was for her.

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