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English-Hindi > remineralize

remineralize meaning in Hindi

remineralize sentence in Hindi

• पुनर्खनजीकरण
1.The pH of saliva is neutral, which having a pH of 7 allows it to remineralize tooth enamel.

2.Bacteria can penetrate the enamel to reach dentin, but then the outer surface may remineralize, especially if fluoride is present.

3.The harmful micro-organisms are starved in the presence of xylitol, allowing the mouth to remineralize damaged teeth with less interruption.

4.In the past it was usual for dentists to use the explorer to probe remineralize the enamel and prevent it from decaying further.

5.Hamaker produced a notable book " The Survival Of Civilization " in 1982, republished in 2002 by Remineralize The Earth.

6.As a non-expert, my impression had been that alternative toothpastes ( Enamelon ) figured out a way to remineralize teeth.

7.Since the carious process is reversible before a cavity is present, it may be possible to arrest caries with fluoride and remineralize the tooth surface.

8.When it's time to soak, add some seaweed powder to draw out toxins, tone flabby skin and remineralize your winter-weary system ( naturally, Ciminelli recommends her own, which many models ask her to express-mail to them ).

9."' John D . Hamaker "'( 1914 1994 ) was a mechanical engineer, ecologist and practical visionary who from 1968 to 1994 tried to awaken the world to the crucial need to remineralize the soils and regenerate the Earth's life-support system.

10.In 1982, he produced with Californian ecologist Donald A . Weaver " The Survival Of Civilization : Carbon Dioxide, Investment Money, Population  Three Problems Threatening Our Existence ", which was re-published by Remineralize The Earth in 2002 and in 2006 by SoilandHealth . org.

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