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replicas sentence in Hindi

"replicas" meaning in Hindireplicas in a sentence
  • His replica jersey, No . 18, hangs in stores.
  • The replica there today doesn't resemble the other one.
  • Some sites are closed altogether and have nearby replicas for tourists.
  • The artists Omri and Julie Rotblatt-Amrany sculptured the replica.
  • In one corner is an alien replica created from witness descriptions.
  • Jones presented Clinton with a replica of the Vince Lombardi Trophy.
  • And I discovered a Stonehenge replica in my office this morning!
  • A replica of the palace was already under construction in London.
  • Replicas of Humpty Dumpty, Peter Pan and pieces of fruit.
  • It is TalkAlong / Air Touch Cellular Replica Batting Helment Day.
  • Dolly scared people who thought a clone meant an exact replica.
  • Shelves behind him were full of cast aluminum replicas of revolvers.
  • The gun turned out to be a replica, Moriarty said.
  • The first version was a clunky replica of the PC software.
  • A replica of a steam engine, $ 15.95.
  • Winner receives an iron-clad replica of a VS bra.
  • Their hair is pulled back into a replica of her ponytail.
  • He holds a replica of the prized possession in his hands.
  • Few envision the future as anything but a replica of today.
  • Michael Jordan got an autographed replica of Superman's cape;
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