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repletions sentence in Hindi

"repletions" meaning in Hindirepletions in a sentence
  • He lay like a filthy leech, exhausted with his repletion.
  • The tick feeds at night, ingesting blood to repletion in about 15 minutes.
  • Prompt fluid and salt repletion, orally or intravenously, is the key to saving lives, Neira said.
  • The call is a rolling trilled " breep ", and the song is a hard rolling repletion of " zerlip ".
  • The SOL is available in two editions, a standard edition and the Marine edition which uses hydrophobic coating to provide water repletion instead of waterproofing the laptop.
  • Thus, HSD2 neuron inactivation by salt intake does not reflect simply the repletion of a physiologic deficit, and may instead reflect active inhibition triggered by salt ingestion.
  • If a caterpillar finds food and feeds to repletion, it returns to the tent, laying down a recruitment trail that serves to recruit hungry tent mates to its food find.
  • Veldhuis JD, Cosma M, Erickson D, Paulo R, Mielke K, Farhy LS, Bowers CY . Tripartite Control of Growth Hormone Secretion in Women during Controlled Estradiol Repletion.
  • The sequence of the three stanzas then is pre-harvest ripeness, late-harvest repletion, and post-harvest natural music . " Any similarity is in the tight statement of fact.
  • Vitamin D toxicity is closely related to a depletion of Vitamin K and that repletion of Vitamin K allows individuals to supplement with higher doses of Vitamin D without the negative calcium-related side effects.
  • An analysis of a linkage study uses a wide chromosomal region, whereas a genetic association study endeavors to identify a specific DNA polymorphism, which can be a deletion, inversion, or repletion of a sequence.
  • Early chapters in this portion of the book are written in a medical style, and they detail signs in regards to " temperate and healthy bod [ ies ], [ . . . ] repletion of bad auguries and sneezes, respectively.
  • Wagner wrote of his preoccupations with Schopenhauer and " Tristan " in a letter to Franz Liszt ( December 16, 1854 ) : Never in my life having enjoyed the true happiness of love I shall erect a memorial to this loveliest of all dreams in which, from the first to the last, love shall, for once, find utter repletion.
  • Patanjali states  $ 8 M / 5 >    * M 0 # 5  that the word which express Him is Om but mere repletion of Om is insufficient, for one should also meditate upon its meaning for gaining knowledge of the Atman and destruction of the obstacles to that knowledge on road to reaching " Nirvichara Samadhi " when the mind becomes pure and  $.

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