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resonant line sentence in Hindi

"resonant line" meaning in Hindiresonant line in a sentence
  • Lilienthal has the most resonant line of the play.
  • Hero often says, in the play's most resonant line.
  • In Str�mgren's explanations, the shell absorbs only the resonant lines of hydrogen, so that the available energy is low.
  • Always a superb technician, Bedford ( who in a tidy brown wig resembles Andrew Lloyd Webber, which is surely just a coincidence ) delivers some freshly resonant line readings.
  • Psachos was the first who published the Divine Liturgy with a resonant line, also publishing a book, " Asian Lyre ", currently taught as an instruction book in many Greek conservatories.
  • It is Flash who, when confronted with his own duplicity, delivers some of the film's saddest and most resonant lines : " There's a handful of people who run the whole deal, and the rest of us who do what they say and get paid for it ."
  • Sending her a new version of " Demon " ( a long poem featuring some of the most resonant lines in the Russian language, which he rewrote several times ), he several times crossed out the initials  and wrote instead  in the dedication sent to the copyist.

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