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resonantly sentence in Hindi

"resonantly" meaning in Hindi
  • The Tates deal with this realization in resonantly different ways.
  • Every detail in the performances is resonantly telling and yet organic feeling.
  • I can stand four feet from a mic and be heard quite resonantly ."
  • When the pole returns to a balanced position, its spout resonantly strikes a stone.
  • In the rotating frame the spin remains still until a resonantly oscillating magnetic field drives magnetic resonance.
  • It was a characteristic moment : quick and rather spare, resonantly topical, obviously, aggressively irreverent.
  • NRA can also be used non-resonantly ( of course, RBS is non-resonant ).
  • An appropriately bunched electron beam strikes excited carbon dioxide molecules resonantly in order to efficiently stimulate energy emission.
  • The ramifications of " The Crucible " are more disturbing and resonantly modern than one would expect.
  • Over the phone from New York, Heppner, 47, sounded resonantly cheerful as he explained what happened.
  • The work's epigram-peppered language, in which puns figure resonantly, often has a Wildean crackle.
  • Electrons change energy states by either resonantly gaining energy from absorption of a photon or losing energy by emitting photons.
  • When the SFG system scans over a vibrational mode of the surface molecule, the output intensity is resonantly enhanced.
  • But even more resonantly, " Terminating " has everything to do with the limits and limitlessness of language.
  • Thomas Hampson sings resonantly but the aura of narcissism that invariably surrounds his performances doesn't make him a very attractive hero.
  • But he was also working doggedly at his craft, ridding himself of all vestiges of brogue and learning to pitch his voice resonantly.
  • The appeal of the album is that it's at once resonantly distinctive and comfortingly familiar . "-- Michael Laskow, TAXI
  • This medium resonantly amplifies light with a wavelength near 10.6 or 9.4 micrometers, corresponding to a frequency of approximately 30 terahertz.
  • William Warfield, the 77-year-old singer, provided another great lift, resonantly narrating Copland's " Lincoln Portrait ."
  • If, however, the photons have the correct " frequency ", they will interact with the atoms in the box, possibly resonantly.
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